We provide upscale housing accommodations and provide our tenants with all the comforts and services needed to make their housing experience outstanding. Our housing accommodations feature new carpet and new paint throughout, renovated kitchens, modern HVAC systems, new energy-efficient windows, and free high speed wireless internet.

How is Comfortsville different from other housing accommodations?

Quality of Accommodations and Price

When renting a room in a shared house, a tenant usually needs to choose between an upscale accommodation at a higher than average market cost or a second-rate accommodation at the average market cost. At Comfortsville, we are committed to provide tenants with an outstanding housing experience by offering high-quality, comfortable housing accommodations at the average market cost. Elegance, cleanness, and functionality are all key features of our accommodations.


Our tenants’ safety is our highest priority. We understand the concerns associated with renting a room in a shared house and we are committed to provide our tenants with a safe, peaceful, and enjoyable environment. All our tenants are credit and background checked. We carefully screen our tenants to make sure they are reliable, responsible individuals who will ensure a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. We also install reprogrammable locks on entry doors, so that we can periodically reprogram them (e.g., when a tenant leaves) and distribute new keys to current tenants. We also carefully select the location of our property, to ensure they are located in safe neighborhoods.


Comfortsville provides its tenants with high-quality, periodic maintenance services to ensure that the high standards of our accommodations are satisfied at all times. If something unexpected occurs, tenants are encouraged to promptly inform us and we will make sure to address any issue in a timely manner. Periodic services include replacing air filters, trimming bushes, and mowing lawns.

Energy Efficiency

We ensure energy efficiency throughout our properties in order to minimize energy costs for our tenants. In order to achieve this goal, we install energy-efficient windows, efficient HVAC systems, programmable thermostats, and energy efficient light bulbs (CFL or LED). As a result of our committment, electric bills are typically far below the average for comparable properties.

Customer Service

We provide our tenants with a responsive and timely customer service. Tenants may contact us at any time with any concern and we will make sure to address any issue in a timely, courteous, and satisfactory manner.